General Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Veilig en Vertrouwd B.V.


  • Veilig en Vertrouwd B.V.: located in Veenendaal and registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 87220970.
  • Client: The party using the services of Veilig en Vertrouwd.
  • Employee(s): The Client’s staff, including volunteers, visitors, participants, and freelancers associated with the Client. The latter groups only with the Client’s permission.
  • Work & Services: All tasks performed by Veilig en Vertrouwd as specified in the offer and/or cooperation agreement.
  • Cooperation Agreement: The written record of agreements between Veilig en Vertrouwd and the Client.
  • Parties: Veilig en Vertrouwd B.V. and the Client together.



  1. These Terms and Conditions apply to all services, offers, and agreements of Veilig en Vertrouwd.
  2. Deviations from these conditions are only valid if confirmed in writing. If an agreement contains different provisions, those will take precedence.
  3. These Terms and Conditions also apply to subsequent agreements if they are applicable.
  4. Conditions of the Client or third parties are not applicable unless documented in writing in an addendum or similar document.


Offer and Agreement

  1. Offers from Veilig en Vertrouwd are non-binding and exclusive of VAT.
  2. An agreement is formed once the offer is approved by the Client via email.
  3. Veilig en Vertrouwd will not commence any assignments until the signed agreement is received.
  4. Changes to the agreement are only binding if confirmed in writing.
  5. If changes are needed during execution, both parties will adjust the assignment in mutual consultation.


Duration, Termination, and Dissolution

  1. At the start, parties enter into a cooperation for at least one year (12 months) with automatic renewal for the same period. Parties can terminate the cooperation in writing with a notice period of one month before the end of a period.
  2. The agreement ends when the work is completed and fully paid.
  3. Parties can dissolve the agreement if one of the Parties demonstrably fails to fulfill their obligations.
  4. Veilig en Vertrouwd will immediately dissolve the cooperation agreement in case of bankruptcy, suspension of payment, or liquidation of the Client.


Rates and Payments

  1. Rates are in euros, exclusive of VAT and other charges.
  2. Travel time, travel, and accommodation costs are not charged for standard consultations. For custom assignments, these costs are specified in the order confirmation.
  3. Veilig en Vertrouwd can adjust rates annually based on the CPI index. Any price consequences due to significant changes in services will be communicated in advance.
  4. Invoices must be paid within 14 days. In case of late payment, Veilig en Vertrouwd may suspend services.
  5. Objections to invoices must be submitted in writing within 8 days.


Execution of the Assignment Veilig en Vertrouwd…

  1. …performs services to the best of its ability.
  2. …determines who executes the assignment and how.
  3. …always provides LVV-certified Confidential Advisors (for Confidential Advisor services).
  4. …immediately provides a replacement Confidential Advisor if the Client’s employee is dissatisfied or does not have a good connection. The interest of the Employee is paramount.
  5. …provides an annual brief report describing the number and nature of reports, anonymously and not traceable to individuals.

Cancellation of Services

  1. Individual appointments/consultations can be canceled up to 48 hours in advance at no cost. Any preparatory costs will be charged based on hours spent (e.g., creating a presentation).
  2. If not canceled or canceled too late, the full costs will be charged.



  1. Veilig en Vertrouwd is only liable for direct damage up to the amount of the invoices related to the specific case.
  2. The Client must report damage in writing within 60 days of discovery.
  3. The Client must first give Veilig en Vertrouwd the opportunity to rectify shortcomings before claiming damages.
  4. Veilig en Vertrouwd is not liable for damage caused by subcontractors or third parties not permanently employed.


Confidentiality and Privacy

  1. Parties will keep all confidential information secret unless disclosure is necessary.
  2. Veilig en Vertrouwd may use obtained data for statistical purposes, provided it is not traceable to individual clients.
  3. Twelve months after the end of cooperation, Veilig en Vertrouwd will carefully destroy all Client business data.
  4. Parties may use each other’s brand and trade names and logos for advertising purposes.



  1. Employees can independently request meetings with a Confidential Advisor from Veilig en Vertrouwd through the designated digital portal.
  2. The Client should, if possible, provide a private workspace for the Confidential Advisor and Employee. If unavailable or undesirable, an external location will be used. Any costs are the Client’s responsibility.
  3. The Client may not interfere in an ongoing process with the Confidential Advisor without the approval of the Reporter/Employee.
  4. Veilig en Vertrouwd specifies invoices without disclosing confidential information.



  1. Complaints about the services of Veilig en Vertrouwd can be emailed to
  2. We aim to resolve complaints about our services quickly, carefully, and to the Client’s satisfaction. If a complaint is not resolved to the satisfaction of the Parties within three months, it can be submitted to the Supervisory Committee of the National Association of Confidential Advisors.



  1. The Client cannot unilaterally dissolve, annul, suspend, or offset the agreement or terms.
  2. The invalidity of a provision does not affect the validity of other provisions.
  3. Parties will adjust non-binding provisions in mutual consultation.
  4. Obligations that continue after the end of the agreement remain in force.


Applicable Law and Competent Court

  1. Dutch law applies to the agreement.
  2. Disputes are submitted to the Court in Arnhem.


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